House Uc by Miyahara Architect Office

When it comes to architecture I prefer clean and minimal. I’m also a fan of smaller spaces, which is probably why I’m so smitten for Japanese architecture like the building above, called House Uc. House Uc was created by Miyahara Architect Office, a company run by Teruo Miyahara.

I pretty much love everything about this house, but what stands out to me most is the stained, polished concrete that surrounds the whole it. It look so natural but clean at the same time. I’m also in love with the shape of it as well, the way they took a large slice of the building away. The front door is also pretty smart as well, leaving a place for people to stand in case it’s raining. The interior is extremely white and minimal which is good, but I’d need to throw in some color here and there.

To see more photos of the house, click here.

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April 26, 2008