One of my favorite things about the internet is how it enables you to meet people. I have friends all over the world, which is a very new thing to me, and I absolutely love it. So one day about a month ago I got an email from a fellow named Nalden, who was writing to tell me that he liked my blog and he’d like to feature some of the wallpapers on his site. I’ve had offers from people to do this before and honestly it’s just not something I’ve wanted to do. But I took a visit to his site anyhow, and I was blown away!

Nalden’s site, titled appropriately Nalden, is more like a desktop browser than a blog. It’s made for full screen viewing, with all the things he posts about lining the bottom which you can scroll through with ease. He also has a random background that shows up as well, which is where I fit into the picture. So I decided to say yes, because not only does this bring readers from the Netherlands, but Nalden is a pretty rad guy as well.

There’s only one small problem… it’s all in Dutch! It’s still worth a visit though, that interface is just so damn impressive. And if you don’t see the Dan Funderburgh background at first, just keep refreshing, it’ll show up eventually!


April 24, 2008