Kalle Gustafsson

I keep coming across really great photography and then totally forget to post about it, and here’s a good example of that. Kalle Gustafsson is a Swedish photographer who studied film in Australia, photography in Paris, and though he’s only in his mid-20’s he’s doing some really amazing work.

From what I can tell he uses a lot of photoshop, making his photos pretty otherworldly feeling. As a retoucher by trade, I personally HATE when people use the Shadow/Highlight filter in Photoshop. The S/H filter tries to balance lights and darks of a photo, making it look ‘hyper-real’, or whatever you want to call it. But Kalle’s use of it is done pretty well, I feel like he actually gets how to use the filter. He also does a great job with the colors of his photos, it’s the same sort of effect I try to get when I adjust photos.

He’s got 4 different sections on his site, fashion, beauty, editorial, and travel, all of full of beautiful images. The sad thing is that you have to view them one by one, which makes it a somewhat tedious task, so don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Found through virtualanthropology


April 24, 2008