God Went Surfing With The Devil

Every now and then I’ll run across things that make me realize just how awesome and special our lives are. It doesn’t happen very often, but when it does all aIl I can think is how I want to soak in those feelings. Reading God Went Surfing With The Devil, a blog by Alex Klein and Bryan Derballa, makes me feel this way.

Alex and Bryan are a couple of surfers making their way through the Middle East, taking photos and describing their time over there. What really hit me about this blog is the beautiful and striking images coupled with the well written descriptions of their day. Sometimes you read it and laugh, other days it’s extremely depressing, sometimes frightening. But their optimistic attitudes shine through some of the scarier events. Their adventure is like a real life City of God, but being blogged instead of filmed.

They’ve only been there 16 days, so there isn’t a ton of stuff to look through, but I’ll definitely be checking this daily from now on.

Found through Fecal Face


April 24, 2008