Flavor Country Salt and Pepper Shakers

I’ve never personally been a fan of smoking, if that’s what you like then that’s great. But I think it’s interesting that designer Myan Duong has combined cigarettes with a common household item like salt and pepper shakers. The idea is titled Flavor Country, and it features the classic cigarette shape as a pair of miniature shakers. And what’s better to hold cigarette shaped shakers then a bowl shaped like an ashtray, just in case you spill any salt or pepper after you’re done flavoring your food.

I could imagine it being a pain in the ass having to refill these all the time, but the idea is totally clever and the metal ends give a classier touch. These are just a concept though, so if you’ll want anything like these you’ll have to make them yourself!

Found through Yanko Design


April 23, 2008