Musicians Are Cowards | A Kitsune Noir Mixtape

Musicians Are Cowards | A Kitsune Noir Mixtape
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I was going to wait until the morning to post this, but most of Europe is awake by now so I guess I’m writing this for all of you! I had someone write on my page last week wondering when I was going to release another mixtape, so I dug up an old mix I had, re-mixed it, created some new artwork, and VOILA!, brand new mixtape for your Monday morning.

This mix was made about a year or so ago but I think that it still holds up pretty well. It was created out of an effort to use songs by bands that weren’t very popular or songs by popular bands that may have been overlooked or unheard by most people. The best example is Ancient Curse by Peter Bjorn and John, a song that’s extremely haunting and downbeat, the absolute opposite of Young Folks. The mix actually had an extra song tacked onto the end of it, but I felt like A Silver Mt. Zion was a more fitting way to end this mix and to cut back on time, I don’t like mixes that drag on too long.

So I hope you all enjoy the mix! The cover was taken from a couple of photos I took with my Lomo back in the day. The front is a photo of Wilco performing at the Greek Theater which accidently got double exposed and ended up looking even more cool. But I have no idea what the back is, just a random shot out the window probably, haha…

01 Marmaillette by A Hawk and a Hacksaw
02 Brother by Annuals
03 Ultimatum by The Long Winters
04 Start Wearing Purple by Gogol Bordello
05 Till The End of Time by Devotchka
06 Ancient Curse by Peter Bjorn and John
07 Spider’s House by Califone
08 Kept Our Hands Warm by The Robot Ate Me
09 Lying in the Snow by The Bees
10 Interior of a Dutch House by Beirut
11 The Triumph of Our Tired Eyes by A Silver Mt. Zion


April 21, 2008