Wanderlust by Bjork

This is pretty old news for most people, but I just got around to watching the video for Bjork’s Wanderlust like two days ago. Usually when I see something posted all over the blogs I frequent I tend to just get annoyed and ignore whatever everyone’s talking about. I know, I’m lame, whatever. But I was having dinner with some friends last weekend and one of them suggested that I really should watch it, that it does live up to the hype, and I totally agree with that conclusion.

The video is hard to pinpoint, it’s like something between CGI, claymation, and live action, all coming together to make this really crazy but beautiful world. I really have no idea what the video is about, it’s sort of like her backpack has some sort of raisin-looking chick in it that tries to kill her or something and then some sort of fruit bat-god-thing with a silly tongue shows up and starts messing with her. I really love the ending where she’s falling though, it looks soooo epic, and the water kind of looks like strings or spaghetti is really beautiful as well.

If you’re lame cool like me and haven’t seen it yet, click here for a really nice hi-res version of it.

UPDATE: Wired just posted a photo essay of showing a ‘Making Of’ of the Wanderlust video. Sure enough the video was inpsired by Hayao Miyazaki, which I totally thought about the whole time I watched it.


April 20, 2008