Jorge Pardo

When it comes to art with a deeper message, or that requires you to think about what the artist was intending, I’m usually pretty turned off by it. Art to me is meant to be simple, if you look at it and you like it, it’s good. Thinking hurts my brain… But reading this new monograph of Jorge Pardo at least helps me understand that frame of mind better.

Pardo was born in Cuba, raised in Chicago, and then eventually made his way Los Angeles where he studied fine art at Art Center.
Since then he’s been creating works of art that are not only beautiful, but intend for people to think about the art he creates as well the industry of art in general. The book covers numerous points in his career, ranging from architecture to designing lights to fake J. Crew catalogs featuring Matthew Barney as the model. His use of color is also astounding, especially in reference to his ceramix tiles and lights.

His monograph is being published by Phaidon and will be coming out at the end of next month. Check out under the cut for more photos!


April 18, 2008