The Desktop Wallpaper Project featuring Dan Funderburgh

Dan Funderburgh Wallpaper - iPhone, iPad, Desktop

Dan Funderburgh

I’ve been wanting to post this wallpaer for weeks now, but I know that I need to pace myself, that The Desktop Wallpaper Project has a long life ahead of it. The magnificent piece you see above is by the one-of-a-kind illutrator, Dan Funderburgh. Dan has become one of my favorite artists over the last couple years, mostly due to his immense talent in creating the most amazing repeating patterns and wallpapers. And I’m not the only one who sees his genius, seeing that folks like Flavor Paper have made real life versions of his amazing patterns.

For the wallpaper you see above, it’s so simple, and yet it’s so damn complex at the same time. It’s like he’s restrained and eccentric at the same time? The details in the umbrella are absolutely amazing, and the simple brown and creme color palette is drool-worthy. I’d also like to point out that I made two different iPhone and PSP wallpapers, the first showing the complete image, and the second is a completely crisp detail image of the umbrella, just because I couldn’t resist.

I hope you all enjoy this wallpaper as much as I have been, I felt like it totally wasn’t fair to keep this to myself for any longer. Check back next week for the funniest and most clever wallpaper I’ve received so far, I promise it’ll make you laugh.

April 16, 2008