Nike Vandal High Supreme

I’ve subconsciously wanted a pair of high tops for a while, but I always think I’ll look lame in them. They also usually come in insane colorways and styles, and I prefer to wear black vans. But I could see myself looking really cool wearing a pair of these NIke Vandal High Supremes.

What I really like is that the shoe doesn’t look black, it’s almost shades of black and blue. And what it lacks in vibrant colors it makes up for in the ability to see all the details and stitches. Or maybe that’s just the sign of a good product shot, haha… The strap doesn’t even bother me, I think those colors go rad with the body of the shoe. Overall it’s a pretty damn slick looking shoe, which of course is around $170 and is only available in Japan. Awesome.

Found through Hypebeast


April 11, 2008