Readymade Is Now Online!

Last night I spent a half about a half an hour or so looking through the newest issue of Readymade, one of my favorite magazines these days. The only difference is that I read the whole dang thing digitally on my computer. Readymade has made a GIGANTIC leap, deciding to place the entire contents of their magazine online, and I honestly couldn’t be any more excited about this.

Most of the time when you deal with online magazines they usually come in a PDF format or there’s some giant problem with the whole thing. Believe it or not, they got it right on their first try. Going through the magazine it’s identical to the real version, ad placement and all. There are two ways to view the magazine, a pulled out view of both pages, and then clicking the page zooms you in. The zoomed in view isn’t too far away or too close, it’s literally just right (though these are just my perceptions, if you wear glasses you might feel differently). You can search for any word or phrase in the entire thing, and all web addresses are built as hyperlinks so you can visit any site immediately.

The way it’s presented is almost Apple-like, giving you only the basic tools you need instead of throwing in a ton of bells and whistles. Simplicity literally at it’s finest. This is such a great opportunity if you’ve never read Readymade before to give it a try, and if you’re already a fan, this just sweetens the deal.

Honestly, I felt guilty that I was reading this for free. I would honestly pay $10 a year for something like this, it’s just that well done.
Click here to read the latest issue!


April 10, 2008