I talk a lot about simplicity when it comes to design, Apple being a good example, and trying to live and do things simply is something that I think about a lot. The acronym K.I.S.S., “Keep It Simple Stupid”, is probably one of my favorite words of wisdom. And I have a feeling the designers behind the Help brand of remedies took this motto to heart.

Help is small company that’s taken matters into their own hands, creating one package that says “I have a headache” and another that says “I’ve cut myself”. But inside aren’t just ordinary remedies. For headache relief they’ve filled the pills with 500mg of acetaminophen, because it works like aspirin or ibuprofen but without the stomach problems they can sometimes cause. For their bandages they’ve eschewed the Band-Aid-esque design for the use of hydrocolloid, a clear material that they use in hospitals “to help wounds heal faster and reduce scarring.” So not only are their products a step ahead of what you normally find, but they’re also packaged beautifully using molded paper pulp.

You can also buy custom t-shirts featuring their logo, the letter “I”, and then they let you fill in the rest. I’ve decided my shirt would say, “Help, I created Kitsune Noir”. They even have a section simply titled “Bored?” which features a number of different sections to keep you amused, depending upon how you feel at the time.

But their brilliance doesn’t end there. They also happen to be rather witty, telling you that their pills don’t come with coatings and dyes, but if you enjoy those kinds of things you’ll “have to eat them separately.” For their bandages they tell you that they’re made for minor cuts and blisters, “so if your injury is bleeding everywhere, you might want to use something else.” I think it’s wonderful that they don’t feel like they have to be scientific or fancy about simple cures for simple ailments. For a company that basically makes band-aids and aspirin they’ve done an impeccable job, and hopefully they become quite successful and win lots of design awards!

Found through MoCo Loco


April 10, 2008