Grand Theft Auto IV

I’ve never been a big fan of Grand Theft Auto, I always died on the missions and honestly my favorite part was driving around. But seeing screenshots and footage of the fourth installment of the series has me really wanting to buy a PS3. The most recent news is the inclusion of a multiplayer mode, which is a new feature to the series and sounds like they’re really doing it in a big way.

Multiplayer mode will support up to 16 players at one time, except in co-op mode which is limited to 4. There’s going to be four different multiplayer modes so far, which include:

– Team Deathmatch: This is the classic kind of multiplayer mode, everyone is trying to kill everyone else. You win by accumulating the most money in a certain period of time.

– GTA Race: Imagine Gran Turismo except you can go anywhere in the city and shoot rockets at your opponents if you have ’em. This is the one I think I’d enjoy the most, plus you can choose your vehicle.

– Cops N Crooks: One team is the cops, one is the crooks. The cops can see the crooks on their radar, but the crooks can only see escape points. The crooks need to get their boss to safety and the cops have to stop them at any cost. Sounds like fun to me.

– Hangman’s Noose: This is the Co-op mode where you need to get a crime boss to an extraction point alive, but first you need to take care of the cops and find a way out. Can you and your team do it successfully? I kind of hate escort missions, so this one might be annoying.

If you’re as excited about this as I am, be sure to head over to Kotaku’s article about the multiplayer mode, as well as having a bunch of photos.


April 10, 2008