The Desktop Wallpaper Project featuring Mopa

Mopa Wallpaper - iPhone, iPad, Desktop


As the weeks go by, and I get more and more artists contributing, it gets harder and harder to figure out WHO to feature next. My computer is filled to the gills with so much amazing artwork that few people have ever seen, so narrowing it down has become a big deal.

This week though, I decided to go away from hand-drawn images and move toward something a little more digital. This week’s wallpaper was created by the awesome folks over at Mopa, a Brazilian design firm. Mopa is made up of five extremely creative people, Alline Luz, Daniel Gizo, Felipe Mello, Felipe Medeiros, and Rogério Lionzo. I came across their work last year and fell in love with their amazing use of color, as you can see above. I really love this design because it works really well in the more traditional sense of what a desktop background usually is, but at the same time is completely wild and beautiful unlike many background designs.

As per usual the design comes in a bunch of different screen sizes and PSP and iPhone versions. The iPhone version looks really sharp, and fits exactly into the little space between the clock and the unlock button, so check it out. And also be sure to check back next week when I have another amazing artist making your Wednesday a little cheerier!

April 9, 2008