Oceania Compact Refrigerator

Continuing with a cold theme here, what you see above is a refrigerator concept called Oceania by the very talented Tez Patel. Basically he’s re-thought the entire idea of what a fridge should be, eschewing the usual tall and bulky form they come in. Instead your food would be placed inside special drawers which would use a future cooling technology to keep things fresh.

I personally live in a really small apartment, so something like this would be a life saver. I only have a tiny mini-fridge, so being able to hold more this way be a total advantage. It would also be so much easier to retrieve foods from way in the back instead of forgetting about things that are hidden behind the foods in front. I’m sure most people with a regular fridge might not think this is very cool, but I think of how great those new drawer dishwashers are and it seems obvious that this is probably going to be a big trend in the future. To see some more photos, check out his Coroflot.

Found through Yanko Design


April 9, 2008