The Best Game Ever by Improv Everywhere

If you haven’t heard of the folks at Improv Everywhere you might be living in a hole. For 7 years now they’ve been showing up at random places, doing the most random things, just to see how people will react to what they’re doing. Okay that’s kind of vague. For example, a couple years ago a group of them went through a Home Depot walking in slow motion, and more recently they all stopped and froze in the middle of Grand Central Station for about 5 minutes. Imagine how weird it would be to see like 20-40 people doing these sorts of things?

Well I just came across this video where they took it up a notch and helped a bunch of kids have The Best Game Ever. In a nutshell, the Improv Everywhere crew went to a Hermosa Beach little league game in full force, rooting for kids they didn’t know. It gets better and better from there, including an appearance by the Goodyear blimp.

If this doesn’t make you smile and feel pretty good, you do no have a soul.


April 8, 2008