Even though it’s not the best one out there, I’ve really grown to love the camera on the iPhone. Maybe it’s not the camera itself per se, it’s really not that great, but I love how easy it is to snap a picture of something and then send it to my Tumblr, or email it to myself or a friend. And honestly I don’t really care if the pictures don’t turn out to be works of art, I like them because I’m able to document something that catches my interest right away. So coming across an iPhone application like Snapture is kind of exciting.

Snapture basically takes the ultra-minimal contorls of the iPhone photo application and beefs it up with some new features. With Snapture you can do things like zoom, tap any button on the phone to take a photo, change your photos to grayscale, or even have a timer. These are all very simple ideas done in a very simple way so that you’re not left with a bunch of technical choices or ways to screw up your phone. The icons themselves could use a little bit of polish, they aren’t the most attractive, but they’re certainly easy to understand.

So far the application is only available for jailbroken phones, but hopefully they create and official application soon so that any normal iPhone user (like myself) can enjoy having more photo options!


April 8, 2008