Lacquer Video Directed by Michel and Olivier Gondry

I usually don’t post many thing late at night, but I figure this is kind of a fun one. Michel and Olivier Gondry teamed up to to direct this awesome video for the band Lacquer called Blend. The video is about a guy who has to drive across the country from Los Angeles to New York simple enough. So to create the video, they shot it on 16mm film, shooting one frame every second, and then one frame every 10 seconds at night. The overall effect is really awesome, compressing a seven day journey into a four minute video.

Living in LA I fin the beginning kid of funny, seeing as how it takes the guy no time at all to get from the ocean to Downtown LA. There’s really nothing exciting in between, but it isn’t as quick as they show it in the video. It looks like they’re taking the 10 to the 110, then the 110 to the 210 and then off to Las Vegas. Just watch it already, it’s a really fun video with a pretty good song as well. For some more info click here.


April 8, 2008