Graveyard Girl by M83

When I first heard Saturdays = Youth, M83’s newest album, I thought it was okay, but not spectacular. But after watching the video above for Graveyard Girl, I feel like the album makes way more sense. The video is basically Sixteen Candles, but shot in a very French sort of way. The story follows a girl who dresses in black and is kind of anti-social. She hangs out a pet cemetery, writing in her journal and being hella emo. Then she sees the hot jock football player placing a photo of him and his dog on his dogs grave. After that she can’t stop dreaming about him, so she cleans up and looks beautiful, eventually getting the guy in the end.

Thinking about the album as a giant soundtrack to a cheesy French 80’s movie makes me enjoy it a lot more. It feels like there’s a sort of narrative to attach to the music now, for some reason that makes me feel better, haha…


April 7, 2008