Marvel’s Secret Invasion

Since I’m a big ol’ comic beek nerd, I want to post my thoughts about Marvel’s newest mega-event, Secret Invasion.
I’ve been looking forward to this event for quite a while, and I’ve loved the build-up immensely. I think Brian Michael Bendis is easily the best comic book writer out there right now hands down. The man has orchestrated this event over the last 4 years, like, that’s unheard of.

Thankfully the issue definitely pays off and you see Marvel universe go to hell in a handbasket really quickly. I”m not gonna talk about the issue, but I do want to talk about some the ideas I have about who may be a Skrull and what might be coming up in the series. So if you haven’t read the first issue yet, don’t look under the cut. If you have, please let me know what you think!

So I went and read back through a bunch of issues of New Avengers, Mighty Avengers and the Illuminati series and I had a couple of ideas:

1) Jessica Jones might be a Skrull. There’s the issue where Luke Cage goes to get milk for the baby and ends up running into SHIELD agents. An issue later Wong asks Jessica why she isn’t breast feeding the baby? Jessica gives him a “look” and tells him to mind his own business, something like that.

Was that just a slight comedy moment, or maybe Skrulls can’t lactate? I know this is kind of weird, but it made me think maybe the baby is half Skrull, and that the Jessica that pops out of the ship is the real one? Could you imagine Luke finding out that the woman he loved was a Skrull? This makes things iffy with the whole Alias series, but I think there are some interesting ideas in there that I could see Bendis possibly using.

2) The Infinity Gauntlet/Gems are totally going to come into play. So far Iron Man and Reed are down for the count, Dr. Strange is in another dimension, Black Bolt is being held by the Skrulls most likely, so that leaves Namor. Namor was left with the TIme gem, though I’m not sure how much good it could do him seeing as he’s not the smartest cookie of the bunch. There’s also the matter of the Gauntlet itself, which wasn’t necessarily destroyed with the Baxter Building (though I doubt it could be, anyway).

But if Reed gets his sh*t back together, having the power gem at his disposal could certainly be a benefit. And if Xavier comes back in some way armed with the Mind gem, I don’t see how he couldn’t tell if someone was faking it.

Here’s a good Wikipedia entry about who has what gems and what they do:

3) Marvel Boy is going to kick a whole lot of Skrull ass. If the Kree, ultimate enemy of the Skrull, made Marvel Boy to be the ultimate weapon, couldn’t they have built him with an ability to sniff them out as well? I feel like if any one person could have a sixth (or seventh or eigth?) sense about that kind of thing it would be him.
He also had an entire issue dedicated to him in the Illuminati, so he’s gonna do something big.

4) The Beyonder. He’s bumming around New York, hanging out drinking beers and watching baseball. It’s hard for me to imagine that they did an entire issue about him as well without him playing some part of things, especially because he’s an Inhuman, and the Skrulls f*cked with his king. And didn’t they make a point to Marvel Boy that the Inhumans were created by the Kree? So if The Beyonder had to choose a side, it would probably pro-earth.

There’s also the interesting fact that Black Blot couldn’t remember which Atlean The Beyonder was… is that because he was a Skrull at that point? Or is the true name and origin of The Beyonder going to come up?

There’s ALSO the fact that The Beyonder was the reason for the Secret War, which is where all of the heroes on the ship supposedly came from!! The pieces keep falling into place the more you think about it.


April 4, 2008