I Know Where the Summer Goes, a new show by Ryan Mcginley

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I Know Where the Summer Goes by Belle & Sebastian

Last night in NYC, Ryan McGinley opened a new show called I Know Where the Summer Goes which looks like it was quite a photographic journey. In the summer of 2007 McGinley, along with sixteen models and three assistants, traveled through the US, shooting 4,000 rolls of film and producing over 150,000 images in the process. From this giant collection of work he narrowed the show down to this 50 favorite pieces, which look pretty stunning.

The show itself was inspired by nudist magazines from the 60’s and 70’s, taking visual cues from what they saw. Each day McGinley would talk with the models and try to tell them what he was trying to with the shoot and what sort of feeling he wanted to get across. But when you look at his photos, they seem like they couldn’t be any less planned.

As usual there is plenty of nude young men and women in his photos, so it’s kind of NSFW. But if you have some free time, sneak a peak at his amazing photos. I seriously need to own like a hundred of his photos before I die. I’ve also included the Belle & Sebastian song that inspired the name of the show. It’s from the This Is Just A Modern Rock Song EP, or you can find it on that Push The Barman collection thing, but that’s cheating.


April 4, 2008