Rachel Denny’s Amazing Animals

Earlier today my boss got a package, so as a part of my job, I opened it. I knew what was inside, and thought that it was going to be pretty incredible, but I didn’t really realize quite HOW awesome it would be! The package came from Rachel Denny, an amazing artist and sculptor who lives in Portland. What she sent my boss was the AMAZING rabbit sculpture you see above.

This fuzzy little guy is named Clover, and he was made out of angora, polyurethane foam, thread, and steel, and stands a little over a foot tall. It’s an absolutely beautiful sculpture, it’s amazingly soft, and I’m TOTALLY jealous, I want one so bad. Rachel doesn’t stop with rabbits though, she also creates amazing deer heads, life-size deer sculptures made out of lead, and beautiful enamel flowers. You should definitely go to her site and check out her work, it’s really, REALLY good.


April 3, 2008