The New British Coins

Earlier today The Royal Mint unveiled a new set of coins that will be released in the UK. The coins were created as a part of a national redesign contest held in 2005. The winning designer was a guy named Matthew Dent (who’s website is surprisingly working) who created a design that’s pretty rad. The coins feature the Shield of the Royal Army, but split strategically into 6 different pieces, with the 7th coin carrying the entire shield.

The design ends up looking rather contemporary and fun at the same time. Only putting portions of a design on the back of a coin is rather ballsy, while lining all of the coins up to create the shield gives you the fun part. I’d also like to point out that I love the odd shapes of the coin, whereas here in the States we differentiate coins by their size, thickness, and the pattern along their edge.

My last thought on this though, is however cool they are, do we really need coins anymore? I almost feel like it’s a waste of time, energy, and money to make them anymore. With credit cards doing the majority of our purchasing these days, I feel like we don’t really need coins much longer. But then again the other option would be to round the prices of all products up or down, and that could be a serious pain in the ass.


April 2, 2008