The Desktop Wallpaper Project featuring Mike Perry – Part 1

Mike Perry Wallpaper - iPhone, iPad, Desktop

Mike Perry

Last night I panicked for about 5 minutes, suddenly realizing that it was already Tuesday night and I hadn’t gotten anything ready for today! But I pulled it all together, so now I can proudly present the man who makes you realize why the Midwest is the best, Mike Perry.

I actually met Mike last summer when I helped out with The Parking Lot Art Show, and was lucky enough to watch him staple up about a million pages of newspaper in the back of an extremely hot U-Haul! Some people might know him from his extremely popular art book, Hand Job, all about hand drawn fonts, and he’s also running a magazine called Untitled a. You can also see him from time to time gracing the pages of Dwell, NY Times Magazine, and Readymade, as well as skate decks and all manners of things.

Mike was kind enough to give us all TWO designs this week, one is a sort of a castle-car, the other a really awesome explosion of colors and patterns. I’ve used these as my background for weeks at a time, and they both look amazing, though the pattern one might give some people seizures, so don’t even try to sue us.

April 2, 2008