Mister Lonely Trailer

I was reading an interview with Diego Luna and he spoke a little about working on Mister Lonely, Harmony Korine’s newest film. So I thought I’d Google it up to see if I could find anything new, and sure enough there’s an international trailer floating around YouTube. This got me really excited because as of yet I haven’t heard any real mention of the movie, so getting to see this was pretty cool.

The movie stars Diego Luna as a Michael Jackson impersonator who’s trying to make ends meet in Paris. He eventually meets a Marilyn Monroe impersonator, played by the awesome Samantha Morton, and she invites him to a commune of impersonators living in the Scottish Highlands. The movie, of course, sounds quite weird, but watching the trailer it feels like Harmony’s done a little bit of growing up, and his style reminds me somewhat of Paul Thomas Anderson.

I have pretty high hopes for this movie, it would be cool to see some more Harmony Korine movies with interesting plots like these, but I guess only time will tell.


April 2, 2008