Kenji Nakayama for Converse (Product) Red

It’s been a while since I’ve spotted a pair of shoes I really like, but when I came across the Kenji Nakayama designed high tops I did a double take. Kenji created the shoe for Converse’s (PRODUCT) RED campaign, which I’m honestly not a huge fan of, considering that only “10% of the net wholesale price” goes to fighting AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria. How much would that even be per shoe, like three or four dollars?!

Anyhow, the design of the shoe has a red stripe around the bottom which is supposed to be a timeline, and all of the vertical lines represent a moment in time. Overall it’s supposed to represent all the tiny moments that make up our lives. I think the shoe is really rad looking, I especially love the colors, and all of those vertical lines are absolutely beautiful. The other cool part is that the shoe is only $56.99, and you can buy it in their online store and have it shipped directly to you. Also be sure to check out all of the other designs as well, as a part of their 1HUND(RED) Project.


April 2, 2008