Radiohead are once again upping the stakes and pioneering new trails with their newest endeavor, an open contest to create a remix of their new single, Nude. Okay, this isn’t the first time that anyone has had a remix competition, but its certainly the first time a band has huge as Radiohead has opened their arms to anyone and everyone who wants to be a star.

The only catch is that you have to buy the song clips, like the vocals, drums, guitars, from the iTunes store, they’re not just giving them away for free. But it’s still pretty rad to see the band being so open like this. So far the guys from Holy Fuck have a sizable lead, and with good reason, they’re remix is pretty amazing. I’m only on the second song so far, and as of writing this there have been 48 remixes submitted, so it should be pretty fun to listen what everyone has to offer!

Check out the site, DL the tracks and get famous!


April 1, 2008