2089, A New Line of Clothing From Paul Pope

I have such an art boner for Paul Pope, so whenever he comes out with something new I instantly want to post, much like how I am with Geoff Mcfetridge’s work. So while I was on vacation I saw on Paul’s blog that he’s going to be releasing a line of clothes with DKNY Jeans, and well, they look kind of cool. I’m not really sure how many pieces there’s going to be total, but it looks like several shirts, some hoodies, a blazer, a snow jacket and even snow pants.

The four pieces you see above are the ones that I think I would wear, but I’m not really 100% on them sadly. I’ve never been a fan of DKNY or DKNY Jeans, and I’m not really a fan of all-over prints or shoulder prints. I like my t-shirts to be straight forward and let the art do the talking. I think my favorite is the black hoodie with the white print, I think that could be rad. The collection should be coming out soon, so if you’re into fashion or Paul Pope keep your eyes out.


April 1, 2008