The Trials and Tribulations of Kitsune Noir

Yesterday night around 6 PM Kitsune Noir made a cute little appearance onto Boing Boing thanks to UPSO’s amazing contribution to The Desktop Wallpaper Project. Well, when it rains it pours, so the post also showed up on popurls,’ popular sites, and, the place where Boing Boing found the wallpaper in the first place. But by 10 PM, Kitsune Noir was totally dead in the water, suffering from a case of “awesome-itis”, haha… I’m not really sure when things came back online, I decided to go to bed because there was really nothing for me to do. Things are still going at the same rate they were yesterday night but things are going a little smoothly thanks to same minor, temporary tweaks. Basically, Kitsune Noir is having some growing pains.

What this means is that there’s going to start being some changes with site, though all of them are going to be positive. Those of you who read this regularly probably realize that this blog is my baby, and that I’m never going to do anything to make my baby be lame, or look ugly. The first big thing I’m adding is advertising, which you can see is being occupied by my friends over at The Quiet Life. One thing I can definitely promise though is that you’re never going to see Google Adwords or any of those other generic ad services on this blog. Any ads on the site are going to be people, products, things that I actually do enjoy or stand behind. The reason behind having advertising is for a couple reasons; A) Keep the site going and pay for all that technical mumbo jumbo & B) Actually have the money to start doing some really big projects that I have in mind. I come up with a ton of ideas all the time of crazy projects I’d love to do, and sadly not all the projects I do can be free.

So that’s my rant. I just like being as clear and open about things as I possibly can (it’s because I’m a Leo!).


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Year of the Rat Show at GR2

This Saturday GR2 will be hosting a new show called ‘Year of the Rat‘, celebrating the year 4076 of the lunar calendar. The show should be pretty rad, with all sorts of different kinds of arts and over 50 artists involved including:

Andrice Arp, Derek Ballard, Sasha Barr, Gary Baseman, Robert Bellm, Chris Bettig, Kelie Bowman, Aaron Brown, Jeffrey Brown, Buff Monster, Martin Cendreda, Shawn, Cheng, Jo Dery, Dutch Door Press, Theo Ellsworth, Austin English, Noel Freibert, Susie Ghahremani, Leif Goldberg, Tim Gough, Katherine Guillen, Gunsho, Lizz Hickey, Andrew Holder, Yellena James, Kaori Kasai, Dan-ah Kim, Diana Kwok, Olaf Ladousse, Jesse Ledoux, Travis Lampe, David Magdaleno, Le Merde, Thom Lessner, The Little Friends of Printmaking, Jay Ryan, Tyler Parker, John Pham, Emilio Santoyo, Ashira Siegel, Ryan Jacob Smith, Daniel St. George, Hannah Stouffer, Deth P. Sun, Daria Tessler, Elisabeth Timpone, Kelly Tunstall, Edwin Ushiro, Steven Weissman.

The show goes from 6:30 to 10 Saturday night, so be sure to come out and support the arts!


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The Final WALL•E Trailer!!!

Hooray! The final trailer for WALL•E is up now over on Apple Trailers and it looks amazing! There’s certainly a lot more to this movie then I ever expected. It looks like he’s going to save the girl, as well as create a robot uprising? I have no idea what the big story is so these are just my guesses form what the trailer shows.

All I do know is that June 27th needs to get here reaaaaallllly quickly!


DISCLAIMER: Only read the link in the first comment if you want to know what the movie is about. I definitely do not, and almost deleted John’s comment, but I figure some people might be curious.

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Last Week in Music | 03/02/08 – 03/09/08

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Market Girl by Headlights

Last Week in Music there were definitely some new entries in my musical line up. First up was Samamidon, an awesome musician from Vermont. His style is very mellow and folk-y and I ended up listening to him a ton. He also ended up being on Sunshine Sometime, the mix I made a few days ago. Next up was These Young Puritans, who I don’t really want to talk about because I’d rather give them their own post.

After that was Erick Messler, who I can’t find anything about. NOTHING. Usually I can dig something up about people on Google but I know nothing about this chap. His record is called Dreaming in the Royale Oaks, and I think it was released a couple years ago, but that’s all I’ve got. If anyone knows anymore about him or how to get in touch with him please let me know.

Then came Headlights, who’s new album Some Racing, Some Stopping is really good, especially the intro song ‘Get Your Head Around It’> But my favorite on the album is hands down ‘Market Girl’, which I’ve posted above so you can see what I mean.

Finshing off this round of new music is MGMT, who make ridiculous music, though it’s kind of fun. The rest you guys see pretty much every week, so that’s that!


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The Desktop Wallpaper Project featuring UPSO

UPSO Wallpaper - iPhone, iPad, Desktop


It’s Wednesday again, which means a new wallpaper. This week’s desktop comes from the master of self-portraits and multi-colored gems, Dustin Hostetler, also known as UPSO. Dustin is one of the busiest guys out there right now running artsy magazine Faesthetic, a studio called Sans Nom with his wife Jemma, and working as the brainchild behind Threadless’ Select line of t-shirts, not to mention random art projects here and there.

His design above was one of my favorites, I mean, who doesn’t love crazy colored gems falling from the sky? And let me tell you, it looks so effing rad on the iPhone, all of the bright colors on the black background is amazing.

UPSO also has a show starting this Friday at Wootini in Carrboro, North Carolina, just outside of Chapel Hill. The show is titled ‘I Will Miss You When I’m Gone’, and simply enough features the things he’ll miss when he dies, such as his wife, his pocketknife, the finches on his bird feeder and so on. The pieces are also going to be printed onto masonite this time around, so the work will be pretty substantial. He’ll also have a bunch of smaller pieces printed in editions of one and two as well.

Be sure to come back next Wednesday for another rad wallpaper by another amazing artist.

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Lauren Dukoff

There are people who go to art school and study and study to become great artists, and then there are people like Lauren Dukoff who had cameras at her disposal since she was a little kid, learning how to take photos along the way. Funny enough “along the way” for her was taking portraits of her childhood friend Devendra Banhart as he practiced at school. As Devendra’s career began to take off Lauren followed him around the country documenting everything. Eventually she herself became more well known, and people were asking her to take their picture.

Looking through her photos you see a totally natural beauty to all of her photos, like she’s doing what comes naturally. It’s also kind of cool to see all of her Devendra photos, as I would have hard time thinking of a better muse to follow around and photograph. Have a peek over at her site, there’s a whole lot of work to look through.

Big thanks to Kelly over at Trnsmtr1 for the heads up!
Also be sure to head over to Naturalismo for a great interview with Lauren which is where I found a lot of this info.


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I’m pretty sure I came across the work of Helmo through FFFFOUND yesterday, but I can’t quite remember. Anyhow, Helmo ais a French design duo made up of Thomas Couderc and Clément Vauchez who create some really exciting and detailed graphics. Viewing their work I get the sense that they really love to just make things and try crazy ideas to create interesting things.

My favorite project of their’s is one of there newest, a complete branding for lux*, which as far as I can tell is like a big art show that takes place in Valence, France. They were given a prompt that read “a new territory dedicated to the image in all its forms”, so they designed everything to look sort of like a map, to help you get to different places. They created posters, leaflets and programs all with the images above, which are details of the main poster. I really love the colors and layering of all the objects on there, it’s busy without feeling overwhelming.

I’ve translated most of their site through Babel Fish, so these are close approximations to what they said. If you speak French, you’re in luck, you’ll understand it much better than I. If you don’t, go to look at the pretty pictures.


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On Sundays I teach a design class at Art Center for kids between 8 and 13. Yesterday we had a couple of kids who were picked up really late because the dad picking them up thought the class ended at 5, not 4. Thankfully these kids were the older ones, so my friend Eric (who I teach the class with) and I had things to talk about with them. Well they’re kinda’ hip 13 year olds, and one of them showed me these short cartoons called Miniscule. They basically feature a bunch of computer generated bugs in real environments doing funny things.

The cartoons are released by a French animation studio called Futurikon and written and directed by Thomas Szabo. They seem to have a bunch of DVDs of this stuff. I guess the shorts are also on Toon Disney as well, which might be where he found it. I’ve posted some of these under the cut so you can see for yourself.

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