Last Week in Music | 03/09/08 – 03/16/08

I’m having a pretty busy morning so this is going to be kind kind of brief.

These New Puritans led the pack again, so I may as well talk about them now because I doubt I’ll get around to writing them their own post. TNP are an English quartet who sound somewhere between electro or punk or, hell, I really don’t know. It’s been tough for me to try and put them in a category. So when I started listening to the, I wasn’t quite sure if I liked them, but they’ve really grown on me.
They are also favorites of Mr. Hedi Slimane who had them create the music for the Dior Homme Show 2007, so that might give a few of you and idea of their freshness. Their album Beat Pyramid came out in January in the UK and comes out tomorrow here in the States.

After that was the Illinois sweethearts Headlights again, then came Jason Collett and his new album Here’s to Being Here, which sounds a whole lot like Jeff Tweedy from Wilco. Then there was The Books, which I think are on here because I fell asleep while listening to them. After that is Gnarls Barkley who’s new album The Odd Couple is light years better than St. Elsewhere. Cee-Lo’s voice is way less annoying and Danger Mouse’s production has never sounded more crisp and awesome. It also has a great soul/60’s/70’s sound this time around, which I’m much happier with. Definitely check it out even if you didn’t liek the last one.

On a sidenote I’ve started linking to pages so that if you click any of the links you’ll be able to hear what the artists sound like. This makes way more sense, and hopefully you guys can see if you like a band easier.


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Black is the New President, Bitch

I’m back home from Northern California and I had a really great weekend. While I was up there I had a chance to watch Saturday Night Live which I never get to do because I don’t have cable… or a TV. The episode wasn’t very funny, but the special appearance by Tracy Morgan made the whole thing worthwhile. As of lately SNL has been catching a little flack for being too “Hillary friendly”, so they got Tracy Morgan to even the tide a little bit. I thought what he said was really great, but the very last part had me laughing and jumping out of my seat. Just watch the clip (which might have a commercial before the video, not my fault) and see for yourself.


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Gone For The Weekend

Like I mentioned in the previous post, I’ll be out of town all weekend visiting family and friends, so there aren’t going to be any posts. But I think what I will do is send a ton of photos to my Tumblr account, so if you’re curious what I’m up to then click here and you can see my fat ass eating a ton of meals and having a blast. It’s my goal to take tons of photos and I’ll be sure to update it throughout the day as well.

I also want to say that I need to email a ton of people still, so if I haven’t emailed you back yet I’m sorry, but I swear I will. I hope everyone has an awesome weekend!


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Deep Blue Sea | A Kitsune Noir Mixtape

Deep Blue Sea | A Kitsune Noir Mixtape
Click here to download

In about 30 minutes I’ll be driving up north with my best friend to visit family and friends for the weekend, so I wanted to leave everyone something to keep them occupied over the weekend. So I stayed up way too late last night working on another mix that I’ve had floating around forever. It’s called Deep Blue Sea, and that’s pretty much what it’s got on it, songs about the sea. The inspiration for this album was hearing Anchor Song by Björk, and then listening to the new Shins album which is very ocean-y itself. What sparked the idea to finish the Mixtape was hearing Sailing By Night by Department of Eagles, that was like the last piece of the puzzle.

I hope you all like the mix, it’s pretty simple and should be good for the rainy day weather that California is supposed to have this weekend, the same weather I’m sure a lot of you out there are having as well.

01 Anchor Song by Björk
02 Sailing By Night by Department of Eagles
03 A Sea Chantey of Sorts by Margot & the Nuclear So & So’s
04 The Sailor by The Album Leaf
05 Tereza and Thomas by Bright Eyes
06 Salwater by Beach House
07 Black Wave by The Shins
08 Sæglópur by Sigur Ros
09 Deep Blue Sea by Dan Rossen
10 Anchor by Devendra Banhart


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Danny Espinoza

San Francisco is a city unlike any other, and while I love to visit, I’d never want to live there. But then there’s guys like Danny Espinoza, who make really art that seems to feed off the city itself. Danny is an all-around talent, taking photos of the city and its inhabitants and drawing pictures that I would describe as “a hippy acid trip”, and I mean that in a really good way. I really love the black and white ink drawings on his site, the texture in them is really cool. I’m always amazed when people can do something so simple and yet it looks so good. Also check out his “shapes” section as well which features… well, a bunch colorful shapes.


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Diftype is the aka of Niklas Lundberg who lives and works in Umeé, Sweden. His work is extremely digital, which usually isn’t my favorite, but I think that his extreme acceptance of the format is what makes his pieces so amazing. The amount of detail in each piece is pretty overwhelming, but I bet if you looked at one them printed out and up close that it would be quite a treat for your eyes. His sense of color and composition is also really great, especially in pieces like ‘A trip to elsewhere’ and the piece above, ‘Aesthetic Mathematics’.


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I was wrong. Let me just get that out of the way. Why I was wrong… well I dunno.

Ben wrote me a week ago letting me know about his site, and said this to me:

“I thought that you may be interested in my latest project CITYshrinker. Taking on cities from Melbourne to Tokyo, shrinking them to diorama proportions!”

I inferred this to mean that he made dioramas or models of cities. I knew it looked like tilt shift photography, but I figured that was a part of the effect of making tiny miniatures look real. I also read the about section of his website, which gives no further information, other than he works with photos, which would still be applicable to photographing models.

The pictures are still cool, but definitely not as cool as I thought they were. Dang.

The photos you see above aren’t real. Well, at least not real in the way you’re thinking. Everything in these photos was created by the incredibly talented hands of Ben Thomas, a Melbourne based maker of dioramas and all around creative genius. Looking through his site is kind of a joke, because you look at his images, and it’s absolutely mind boggling that he MADE these images. There are so many people and buildings and details that it doesn’t seem like it could even be possible to do something like this!

I talked to Ben briefly through email and he told me that getting the lighting and coloring correct is the hardest part at this point. That to me is also boggling, as I would think that it would all be really effing hard to do no matter how good you get at making models. Go take a look at the rest of Ben’s work over his site, CITYshrinker, and also be sure to check out his store as well to pick up some of his prints.


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The Tricky Photobooth by Keetra Dean Dixon

I think everyone has a nostalgic love for photobooths, or at least I do. There’s something so wonderful about having some old machine take some old crappy looking photos of you. So seeing Keetra Dean Dixon’s Tricky Photobooth takes the idea of a traditional photobooth and combines it with modern day technology to get some truly amazing results.

Dixon made the entire booth, which as you can see above is looks more like a mini photo studio. I’m not 100% sure if the booth can create and put the graphics onto the pictures by itself, but sometimes there is a person sitting inside customizing the photos with messages and special patterns. These photos are so damn rad, and if I were having a Super Sweet 16 I would definitely want one of these at my party.

Also be sure to check out the hundreds of photos that the booth has taken by clicking here. There’s also a Photobooth Key which gives you an idea of what all of those shapes and patterns mean.

Found through 2twentysix


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