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Amateur Surgeon

Want a fun way to waste tons of time which could be put to better use on productive things? Try Amateur Surgeon, another amazing game by the folks over at Adult Swim.

You play as Alan Probe, a pizza boy who turns into a surgeon after he meets a mysterious old man he accidentally hits with his delivery truck. Together they start a back alley hospital using the only tools they have, a pizza cutter, some tongs, a lighter, some anesthetic, a stapler… you get the picture. The games art looks a lot like The Boy Fitz Hammond and has a ton of really great, weird, interesting characters. The game is so completely addicting that you get sucked into them game and 3 hours have passed by… trust me on this one.

There’s 8 people to fix at first, and then there’s also a newly added second edition which I’ve just gotten too. Trust me on this one, you want to become a surgeon too.


The Out-Of-Towners

This weekend San Francisco is being blessed with one really awesome show thanks to the folks over at Fecal Face. The show is called Out-Of-Towners and appropriately it features only artists who aren’t from San Francisco. The show has got several of my absolute favorites like Travis Millard, Corey Arnold, Cody Hudson (that guy is everywhere!) and Tessar Lo, as well as Mel Kadel, Anthony Lister, Erkut Terliksiz, Christofer Chin, and Keith Shore.

The show opens Saturday and goes from 5 – 8 pm, and for more info, like where the show is, click here.


Ummm… I’m In The Wall Street Journal

File this post under un-fucking-believable. Earlier today I got an email from some guy named Jamin asking me for my full name and wanting to talk to me on the phone about The Desktop Wallpaper Project. I immediately think how weird this is, and then I check out out his signature, and it clearly says ” Wall Street Journal”. Turns out “some guy named Jamin” is the writer of Buzzwatch, one of the blogs that the Wall Street Journal has.

So I call him and he’s a really rad guy, and we talk about the project and it goes well, even though I’m slightly nervous. Anyhow, the post is up, it’s just a small mention, but nonetheless, it’s The Wall Street Journal, how cool is that?

Click here to check it out!

Sixpack France


If you read KN enough you know I have a serious t-shirt addiction. As of lately I’ve tried to steer away from the look, opting for more button-ups, trying to keep it classy. But then I was told about Sixpack France, and now I’m a little worried that I’m going to regress back!

Sixpack France has actually been around for 10 years now, starting out as a small store in France and now ending up with an amazing online store filled with some o the best artists out there. It’s kind of a joke how awesome their line-up is. They’ve got Brendan Monroe, Cody Hudson, Damien Correll, Dan Funderburgh, Grotesk, Noah Butkus (as you can see above), So-Me,S tefan Marx, Steven Harrington, and like 30 others… it’s totally nuts.

My only beef comes in at the price. The t-shirts run from 32-35 €, which is around $50 per t-shirt, these are pretty damn expensive. I can see paying up to like $30, but c’mon, it’s just a t-shirt! Anyhow, click the link above and check out their drool-worthy collection of tees.


Golden Cage Remix by Fred Falke

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Golden Cage (Fred Falke Remix) by The Whitest Boy Alive

It’s a little known fact that I don’t know anyone who doesn’t love The Whitest Boy Alive. I meet people and for some reason they always come up, which is kind of weird to me because I would think you’d have to be a Kings of Convenience fan to really know who they were. That or a Modular Records junkie. Anyhow, I came across this awesome Fred Falke remix of Golden Cage so I thought I’d share it with you guys. Erlend threw the Fred Flake and Alex Braxe track Rubicon onto the DJ Kicks album he did, so it makes sense that he’d do a remix for him.

If you’d like to download the track, just click here.

Found through VoulesRandom


Olimpia Zagnoli

Most of the time it’s pretty easy to tell when you come across a talented illustrator, but when they’re not only skilled, but clever as well, then you have a real artist. That being said, I would definitely put 23 year old Olimpia Zagnoli in that category. Olympia emailed me last night that she had updated her site, so I went to check it out and I was so excited I did. Her style is extremely simple but it also communicates really clearly. I love her 15 Ways To Sleep On A Train which you see above. I’m not a big train rider, but it makes me think of the awkward positions I get into when I fly on a plane.

Also be sure to check out her Anatomy of a Tissue Paper which shows what our insides look like, but represented in a vague sort fo way because, who really knows what they’re spleen looks like? Wonderful work, go pay her a visit.


R.I.P. Arthur C. Clarke

Arthur C. Clarke
passed away earlier today which is pretty sad. The guy was a one of a kind visionary, writing over 100 books, a ton of things named after him, including a dinosaur. I remember reading not too long ago about how he tried to convince the city of Los Angeles to create trains and subways to go through the city instead of building more freeways. Now looking back I’m sure people are kicking themselves as gas soars toward $4 a gallon. If only they would have listened to him things could have been a lot different.


Arkitip No. 0045

Arkitip has a new preview of issue No. 0045, and it looks like it’s gonna’ be pretty amazing. So far all there is to see are these shots of the red envelope the issue comes in, but that’s not the exciting part. The exciting part is the names that are stamped onto the envelope; Cody Hudson, Evan Hecox, and Todd St. John. Each stamp is was written in Evan Hecox’s handwriting which is kind of cool as well. Those three names on the envelope are totally enough for me to buy the issue, which comes out tomorrow.


The New Pornographers / Challengers

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My Rights Versus Yours by The New Pornographers

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Myriad Harbour by The New Pornographers

A lot of the time I can say I’m pretty hip when it comes to new music. But then other times I’m completely clueless and later on can’t understand how the hell I hadn’t listened to a band sooner. Well that’s what sort of happened with The New Pornographers.

I’d listened to The New Pornagrapher a few years back and never really got into them. I really liked A. C. Newman, but wasn’t really into the rest of the album. But I recently got their album Challengers and I’m really loving it.

The album starts out really strong with My Rights Versus Yours, which sounds somewhere between the Beach Boys and Belle & Sebastian and is probably one of the strongest openers I’ve heard in a while. After that they go all over the place, like I can’t put a style on most of the music. Myriad Harbour is another favorite of mine with some vocals by Dan Bejar. I really can’t say enough about this album, it’s a completely awesome record in it’s entirety.


D/A Clock by Alvin Aronson

I’ve been meaning to post this for a while now so I’m glad I’m finally getting around to it.
The D/A Clock was created by Alvin Aronson and is a pretty neat idea. Instead of having traditional hands or a digital display, the numbers slowly push themselves through the surface, transitioning from one to the next. It’s kind of beautiful how simple the idea is, and being all white definitely helps as well. Check out the video to see the clock in action. The transition is so subtle that I hardly noticed that it started to change.