Marilyn Minter x Supreme

Usually when I think of skateboard graphics I don’t think about photographs, which is what makes the new partnership between Marilyn Minter and Supreme so damn rad. Marilyn Minter was born in 1948, and since then she’s been creating some absolutely amazing photos and paintings full of glitz and glamor, mostly inspired by beauty and pornography.

There are three boards in the series so far, and the images are absolutely stunning. This borders on fine art, like I would want to put one of these on my wall to show people. I also have to say it’s a million times better then that absolutely retarded Kermit the Frog thing they were doing, I don’t care if Terry Richardson shot it. Hopefully this sparks a new movement in skate decks to use more fine art photography. Think about guys like Ed Templeton, Mike Mills, and Spike Jonze who shoot tons of photos that would work great on the bottom of a deck?

Found through High Snobiety


March 31, 2008