Kitsune Noir is Migrating

So it’s official, Kitsune Noir has outgrown it’s britches. Over the last year Kitsune Noir has done some serious growing, going from one of those random blogs out in the web to being in the top 8,000 of all of ’em. Because of this, the server I’m on currently is starting to prove rather… unreliable. So I’m now in the process of moving to a Media Temple server, which means the reliability of the site will pretty much never come into question. It also means things will load faster, and everyone should be happy.

But over the next few days, things might be a little screwy, so I just wanted to warn everyone. Come Monday, everything should be beautiful and we can put this silly incident behind us. Thanks again for everyone for their amazing support and friendship, without all of you readers this wouldn’t be half as fun.


March 26, 2008