Kitsune Noir Fights Alligators

Yesterday Jeff, his Bubbie (or grandmother as some might call her) and I took an epic journey through the Everglades here in Florida. We started off the trip at a little place called Buffalo Tiger’s which gave airboat rides throughout the swamp.

Our tour guide was named Elvis, a native who had gold teeth and a Dallas Cowboy’s shirt. I believe that his grandfather was the original owner of the tour. He took us out on the water and we started flying among the reeds and plants. We ended up coming across a mother gator and her babies, and we fed them for a little while along with the birds. It was crazy to be so close to such a scary, dangerous animal like that, he couldn’t have been more than 6 feet away from the boat.

That was, until we came across the next alligator, which I was less than 2 feet away from, as you can see from the photo above. Elvis was an amazing guide and he fed the all of the alligators bread. One of the things he showed us was that when anything hits the alligator’s tongue is that their mouth closes immediately, as he demonstrated with some bread. I didn’t have any bread, only hands, so I didn’t get to try this out for myself.

After the took us to a place called Tear Island, which had several really old chickee huts still on it. As our boat pulled up to the dock, a pair of raccoons ran up to our boat, looking for food everywhere. Their names were Kujo and Teardrop, and they looked like they came straight out of a Disney cartoon. Teardrop was the father of Kujo and only had 3 legs. Kujo had a piece of of his mouth missing, but they were absolutely adorable, and almost like dogs. We got to feed them bread and pet them, they were totally tame and it was really fun.

We went a couple more places, but that’s pretty much the gist of it. I’ve posted the best photos onto my Flickr account, and some of them under the cut as well, so check them out. Also be sure to check out the DWP tomorrow!


March 25, 2008