Amateur Surgeon

Want a fun way to waste tons of time which could be put to better use on productive things? Try Amateur Surgeon, another amazing game by the folks over at Adult Swim.

You play as Alan Probe, a pizza boy who turns into a surgeon after he meets a mysterious old man he accidentally hits with his delivery truck. Together they start a back alley hospital using the only tools they have, a pizza cutter, some tongs, a lighter, some anesthetic, a stapler… you get the picture. The games art looks a lot like The Boy Fitz Hammond and has a ton of really great, weird, interesting characters. The game is so completely addicting that you get sucked into them game and 3 hours have passed by… trust me on this one.

There’s 8 people to fix at first, and then there’s also a newly added second edition which I’ve just gotten too. Trust me on this one, you want to become a surgeon too.


March 21, 2008