The Desktop Wallpaper Project featuring Rey Ortega

Rey Ortega Wallpaper - iPhone, iPad, Desktop

Rey Ortega

Hopefully you’re having a miserable day so far which is now going to be turned completely around by what you see above. This week’s wallpaper is brought you all by the extremely talented Rey Ortega. Rey is a Toronto based illustrator who graduated last summer from the Sheridan Institute of Design. Since graduating he’s been drawing up a storm including creating pieces for an upcoming show at the Pony Club in Portland that opens on April 3rd. I personally came across Rey’s work from his participation in the I Am 8-Bit show at Gallery 1988 last summer. I totally lied, he commented on the blog and stalked him through that, haha… Since then I’ve been keeping tabs on Rey and his work and had to ask him to participate in the project.

The piece above is titled ‘Fantômes’, and when I opened my email and saw this I just about shit myself. I couldn’t believe all the detail and effort Rey went to, and I had a feeling of utter excitement that didn’t go away for days. He describes the piece in pretty simple terms as a bunch of ninjas chasing after a fox over some French rooftops. So it’s a little bit Japanese, a little bit French, perfect for Kitsune Noir. Here’s a little bit more he had to say about the piece:

The wallpaper image, called ‘Fantômes’ is one of the largest pieces I’ve done yet, the original is 15″ x 26″. I tried to leave a decent amount of open space at the top half of the art, that way desktop icons can be easily seen, for both mac and pc users.

I hope you all enjoy his wallpaper as much as I do. One of my absolute favorite parts about the whole thing is the +KN that he hid in there… can you guys find it? As for next week I’m not 100% sure who is going to be next, but I think it’ll be something a little different from the last few weeks… you’ll just have to come back next week to see what I mean.


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