Olimpia Zagnoli

Most of the time it’s pretty easy to tell when you come across a talented illustrator, but when they’re not only skilled, but clever as well, then you have a real artist. That being said, I would definitely put 23 year old Olimpia Zagnoli in that category. Olympia emailed me last night that she had updated her site, so I went to check it out and I was so excited I did. Her style is extremely simple but it also communicates really clearly. I love her 15 Ways To Sleep On A Train which you see above. I’m not a big train rider, but it makes me think of the awkward positions I get into when I fly on a plane.

Also be sure to check out her Anatomy of a Tissue Paper which shows what our insides look like, but represented in a vague sort fo way because, who really knows what they’re spleen looks like? Wonderful work, go pay her a visit.


March 19, 2008