Gama-Go Goodies

Last weekend Chris over at Gama-Go emailed me letting me know that they released a bunch of new hoodies and they look pretty rad. My favorite of the bunch is definitely the Yeti Woodland which you see above. The design has a forest wrapping all around it, and then a yeti tearing through the trees on the back. The hoodies also come with a little pocket inside them which can hold your iPhone or iPod and a sleeve on the inside of it that you string your headphones through. Pretty smart thinking.

I also had a look around the rest of the site and they have a ton of other cute little things as well! In their Bric-a-brac section they have a couple really cute mugs, one with an owl and the other with the Yeti Woodland print, serving trays, a funny sleep mask, and a ton more. I want to get those serving trays so bad and have a party just to show them off. But there wouldn’t be anything on them, there would just be awesome looking trays sitting out, haha…

The last awesome thing I found was a Deathbot Suit Wooden Figure, which is probably the raddest/cutest thing ever. This little guy comes in at 5.5″ and has little poseable arms and legs so you can make him look like he’s dancing. I don’t know what it is about this little guy that I love so much, but it’s a fun mix of new design with an old fashion toy.

Check under the cut for pictures of the Deathbot figure and the serving trays!

March 19, 2008