Last Week in Music | 03/09/08 – 03/16/08

I’m having a pretty busy morning so this is going to be kind kind of brief.

These New Puritans led the pack again, so I may as well talk about them now because I doubt I’ll get around to writing them their own post. TNP are an English quartet who sound somewhere between electro or punk or, hell, I really don’t know. It’s been tough for me to try and put them in a category. So when I started listening to the, I wasn’t quite sure if I liked them, but they’ve really grown on me.
They are also favorites of Mr. Hedi Slimane who had them create the music for the Dior Homme Show 2007, so that might give a few of you and idea of their freshness. Their album Beat Pyramid came out in January in the UK and comes out tomorrow here in the States.

After that was the Illinois sweethearts Headlights again, then came Jason Collett and his new album Here’s to Being Here, which sounds a whole lot like Jeff Tweedy from Wilco. Then there was The Books, which I think are on here because I fell asleep while listening to them. After that is Gnarls Barkley who’s new album The Odd Couple is light years better than St. Elsewhere. Cee-Lo’s voice is way less annoying and Danger Mouse’s production has never sounded more crisp and awesome. It also has a great soul/60’s/70’s sound this time around, which I’m much happier with. Definitely check it out even if you didn’t liek the last one.

On a sidenote I’ve started linking to pages so that if you click any of the links you’ll be able to hear what the artists sound like. This makes way more sense, and hopefully you guys can see if you like a band easier.


March 17, 2008