The Tricky Photobooth by Keetra Dean Dixon

I think everyone has a nostalgic love for photobooths, or at least I do. There’s something so wonderful about having some old machine take some old crappy looking photos of you. So seeing Keetra Dean Dixon’s Tricky Photobooth takes the idea of a traditional photobooth and combines it with modern day technology to get some truly amazing results.

Dixon made the entire booth, which as you can see above is looks more like a mini photo studio. I’m not 100% sure if the booth can create and put the graphics onto the pictures by itself, but sometimes there is a person sitting inside customizing the photos with messages and special patterns. These photos are so damn rad, and if I were having a Super Sweet 16 I would definitely want one of these at my party.

Also be sure to check out the hundreds of photos that the booth has taken by clicking here. There’s also a Photobooth Key which gives you an idea of what all of those shapes and patterns mean.

Found through 2twentysix


March 13, 2008