The Trials and Tribulations of Kitsune Noir

Yesterday night around 6 PM Kitsune Noir made a cute little appearance onto Boing Boing thanks to UPSO’s amazing contribution to The Desktop Wallpaper Project. Well, when it rains it pours, so the post also showed up on popurls,’ popular sites, and, the place where Boing Boing found the wallpaper in the first place. But by 10 PM, Kitsune Noir was totally dead in the water, suffering from a case of “awesome-itis”, haha… I’m not really sure when things came back online, I decided to go to bed because there was really nothing for me to do. Things are still going at the same rate they were yesterday night but things are going a little smoothly thanks to same minor, temporary tweaks. Basically, Kitsune Noir is having some growing pains.

What this means is that there’s going to start being some changes with site, though all of them are going to be positive. Those of you who read this regularly probably realize that this blog is my baby, and that I’m never going to do anything to make my baby be lame, or look ugly. The first big thing I’m adding is advertising, which you can see is being occupied by my friends over at The Quiet Life. One thing I can definitely promise though is that you’re never going to see Google Adwords or any of those other generic ad services on this blog. Any ads on the site are going to be people, products, things that I actually do enjoy or stand behind. The reason behind having advertising is for a couple reasons; A) Keep the site going and pay for all that technical mumbo jumbo & B) Actually have the money to start doing some really big projects that I have in mind. I come up with a ton of ideas all the time of crazy projects I’d love to do, and sadly not all the projects I do can be free.

So that’s my rant. I just like being as clear and open about things as I possibly can (it’s because I’m a Leo!).


March 13, 2008