Year of the Rat Show at GR2

This Saturday GR2 will be hosting a new show called ‘Year of the Rat‘, celebrating the year 4076 of the lunar calendar. The show should be pretty rad, with all sorts of different kinds of arts and over 50 artists involved including:

Andrice Arp, Derek Ballard, Sasha Barr, Gary Baseman, Robert Bellm, Chris Bettig, Kelie Bowman, Aaron Brown, Jeffrey Brown, Buff Monster, Martin Cendreda, Shawn, Cheng, Jo Dery, Dutch Door Press, Theo Ellsworth, Austin English, Noel Freibert, Susie Ghahremani, Leif Goldberg, Tim Gough, Katherine Guillen, Gunsho, Lizz Hickey, Andrew Holder, Yellena James, Kaori Kasai, Dan-ah Kim, Diana Kwok, Olaf Ladousse, Jesse Ledoux, Travis Lampe, David Magdaleno, Le Merde, Thom Lessner, The Little Friends of Printmaking, Jay Ryan, Tyler Parker, John Pham, Emilio Santoyo, Ashira Siegel, Ryan Jacob Smith, Daniel St. George, Hannah Stouffer, Deth P. Sun, Daria Tessler, Elisabeth Timpone, Kelly Tunstall, Edwin Ushiro, Steven Weissman.

The show goes from 6:30 to 10 Saturday night, so be sure to come out and support the arts!


March 12, 2008