The Desktop Wallpaper Project featuring UPSO

UPSO Wallpaper - iPhone, iPad, Desktop


It’s Wednesday again, which means a new wallpaper. This week’s desktop comes from the master of self-portraits and multi-colored gems, Dustin Hostetler, also known as UPSO. Dustin is one of the busiest guys out there right now running artsy magazine Faesthetic, a studio called Sans Nom with his wife Jemma, and working as the brainchild behind Threadless’ Select line of t-shirts, not to mention random art projects here and there.

His design above was one of my favorites, I mean, who doesn’t love crazy colored gems falling from the sky? And let me tell you, it looks so effing rad on the iPhone, all of the bright colors on the black background is amazing.

UPSO also has a show starting this Friday at Wootini in Carrboro, North Carolina, just outside of Chapel Hill. The show is titled ‘I Will Miss You When I’m Gone’, and simply enough features the things he’ll miss when he dies, such as his wife, his pocketknife, the finches on his bird feeder and so on. The pieces are also going to be printed onto masonite this time around, so the work will be pretty substantial. He’ll also have a bunch of smaller pieces printed in editions of one and two as well.

Be sure to come back next Wednesday for another rad wallpaper by another amazing artist.

March 12, 2008