Lauren Dukoff

There are people who go to art school and study and study to become great artists, and then there are people like Lauren Dukoff who had cameras at her disposal since she was a little kid, learning how to take photos along the way. Funny enough “along the way” for her was taking portraits of her childhood friend Devendra Banhart as he practiced at school. As Devendra’s career began to take off Lauren followed him around the country documenting everything. Eventually she herself became more well known, and people were asking her to take their picture.

Looking through her photos you see a totally natural beauty to all of her photos, like she’s doing what comes naturally. It’s also kind of cool to see all of her Devendra photos, as I would have hard time thinking of a better muse to follow around and photograph. Have a peek over at her site, there’s a whole lot of work to look through.

Big thanks to Kelly over at Trnsmtr1 for the heads up!
Also be sure to head over to Naturalismo for a great interview with Lauren which is where I found a lot of this info.


March 11, 2008