Pepsi Raw Taste Test and Lunch

I wrote last week that I had received a bottle of Pepsi Raw in the mail and wanted to do a taste test to see how it was. So on Saturday I headed over to my friend Frank’s house to have a lunch/taste testing with him and his boyfriend Jonny. Saturday was the most beautiful day on record, and Frank has an amazingly beautiful house, so it was perfect for an outdoor lunch. We ended up making mini cheese burgers with bleu cheese and Jonny had tuna steak because he doesn’t eat cuddly cows. We also had French fries which Frank had dyed purple which were also topped with bleu cheese, orzo salad, a green salad, and of course, Pepsi Raw to wash it all down.

The Pepsi Raw was served three different ways, plain, with a lemon, and with whiskey. I figured that these were the most common ways people would drink soda, so we poured the soda into three tiny glasses (we only had one bottle, so we had to make this work), and gave it a go. The Pepsi Raw plain tasted a lot like Diet Pepsi, sort of that overly sweet taste that I’m not personally fond of. But if you like DIet Pepsi, you’ll totally like Raw. After that we tried it with lemon, which was really good. The sour/bitterness of the lemon mellowed out the overly sweet flavor of the soda, making it taste really good. Finally we tried it with some Knob Creek whiskey, which ended up just tasting like whiskey because we didn’t really have enough to make a proper whiskey soda.

So overall it’s pretty damn yummy, a little bit healthier for you, and really fun to look at. I’ve posted some more photos of our lunch, which I’ve tried to make look like a photo shoot out of Gourmet Magazine. There’s also a photo of me under there, which is pretty rare, I’m usually behind the camera!


March 10, 2008