On Sundays I teach a design class at Art Center for kids between 8 and 13. Yesterday we had a couple of kids who were picked up really late because the dad picking them up thought the class ended at 5, not 4. Thankfully these kids were the older ones, so my friend Eric (who I teach the class with) and I had things to talk about with them. Well they’re kinda’ hip 13 year olds, and one of them showed me these short cartoons called Miniscule. They basically feature a bunch of computer generated bugs in real environments doing funny things.

The cartoons are released by a French animation studio called Futurikon and written and directed by Thomas Szabo. They seem to have a bunch of DVDs of this stuff. I guess the shorts are also on Toon Disney as well, which might be where he found it. I’ve posted some of these under the cut so you can see for yourself.


March 10, 2008