Commonwealth x Eames x DC Shoes

File this under “Holy Crap” and “How did no one think of this sooner?!?”. Commonwealth, one of the better online “urban” boutiques has teamed with DC Shoes and fabric makers Maharam to create an Eames patterned shoe called Gatsby. How is this show just being made? Did no one think to put this classic pattern on a shoe? I certainly didn’t, but I don’t make shoes. These bad boys are going to set you back $140, which isn’t too bad, but it’s definitely nearing the price of not worth it.

What else could be done like this? Marimekko patterned slip ons? Splashes of Tjord Boonte patterns all over some high top Chuck’s? I think there could be a crazy market for something like this. Vans? Converse? You listening to this? Hurry up and get us some rad designer shoes(but don’t be assholes and make them like $200).

Found through the wonderful, Friend & Stranger

Check out under the cut for more photos!


March 7, 2008