This Was My Favorite Moment From The Project Runway Finale…

Last night on Project Runway there was a moment where this kid with a big head walks right behind Christian as he’s getting interviewed, and gives him a really strange look… I likened it to a stinkeye. It was totally random, and I made my friends rewind the Tivo so that we could enjoy it again. Who does that kid think he is looking at Christian like that? I think he’s jealous because Christian is a fairy/sprite and he’ll never be with that big ol’ noggin of his. I wish I had video of this, it’s just not as funny without it.

Also, congrats to Christian, he definitely deserved to win last night. His collection was easily the most exciting and cohesive. This was probably my favorite season of Project Runway ever, hopefully they can meet these high standards on the next.


March 6, 2008