A Real, Live Pepsi Raw

After my post about Pepsi’s more health conscious beverage, the Pepsi Raw, Meg over at Ziggurat was kind enough to send me a bottle so I could taste it myself. Ziggurat is the design company that came up with the Pepsi Raw logo, which is how she could get her hands on it. Well I haven’t tasted it yet, let me say that first. What I’m gonna’ do is get some friends together and hold some taste tests. Maybe it could be a video podcast? That would be kind of fun.

The test will include Pepsi Raw plain, Pepsi Raw with lemon, and Pepsi Raw with whiskey. I think this pretty much covers all bases and ways that people might drink it. Hopefully that will be tonight or tomorrow night, sometime soon-ish for sure.
Until the taste test though, I’ve taken a ton of photos of the bottle, which you can see under the cut.


March 6, 2008