The Desktop Wallpaper Project featuring Tim Biskup

Tim Biksup wallpaper - iPhone, Desktop

Tim Biskup is one of those artists that I’ve admired for years now and consider to be one of the best out there. I first came across his work on a Gama-Go t-shirt which I bought in Villains on Haight Street. It was a design called Gama Turtle, a giant blue monster with some janky looking teeth and a massive spiked shell. Since then he’s created vinyl figures, giant murals and fine art that’s hung in galleries all over the world.

In his wallpaper is a little character he created called Calli, which in real life are cardboard cut-outs that turn into tiny stackable figures. I oddly enough bought a bunch of these as X-mas and birthday presents for friends, unbeknownst to Tim when he was creating this. In between the figures is the kanji for Black Fox, aka Kitsune Noir.

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March 5, 2008